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Angel Wood Rise
Nature's Haven of Harmony and Healing
Supporting and Embracing People and Charities


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Welcome to the Angel Wood Rise Website 


Welcome to the Angel Wood Rise website which gives you an insight into this dream and vision of mine of a magical, mystical secluded place which will offer peace, solitude and inspiration to many individuals, carers and families seeking to get away from the hustle or bustle of our busy world. This haven will cater for everyone and will offer numerous events and activities throughout the year to cater for all, from Christian Events, to Picnics, Charity Fairs, Workshops and everything that is Rural and Holistic. Take time out to soak up the sounds and sights of this website and allow it to carry you away to blissful corners of the mind that totally submerge and surround you in inner peace and calmness. Glance at the images, stay awhile to absorb the melodic and mystical sounds of nature and inspirational calming music.


Please have your sound on to enjoy the overwhelming sounds this website offers.   

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Paul John Damari Founder of Angel Wood Rise and Angel Wings:

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E.Mail: pauldamari@btconnect.com

Website: www.multimediabusinesspages.co.uk 

Angel Wood Rise Website: www.pauldamari.co.uk

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Angel Wings and Angel Wood Rise also Angel Wings Campaign Against Cruelty To Animals 


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